Training helicopter center of VNH

Vietnam Helicopter Company VNH is the best place of pilot training in Vietnam. From establishment in 2004, pilot training center has conducted 7 successful training courses for 32 pilots – trainees from Air Force School flying MI 8/72/172 for total 1.365 flight hours.  

Pilot is a difficult job and requires high concentration, nimble eyes and opportuneness in the cases. Pilot has to be a careful person. If pilot and technical department do not investigate engine and all complements of helicopter, it could be dangerous for life of passengers and pilots. Thus, to be studied in the Vietnam pilot training center, people have to do many exams and check their health.

In flying, the most difficulty is covered cloud, smog and limited range of vision. Therefore, pilot always keeps steadily steering wheel to pilot helicopter at the safe altitude.

Useful lessons at the pilot training center of Vietnam Helicopter Company VNH are lessons that pilots need to remember in their flying process to ensure safety and happiness for all passengers.

Here is the website of Vietnam pilot training center:

Helicopter training center in Vietnam
Vietnam helicopter company


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